Friday, October 25, 2013

Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaing to push republicans to the middle


2. Category of issue: gay rights

3. Level of issue: national

4. What this is about: A few major republicans are coming out and saying they support gay rights and same sex marriage.

5. Who this effects: Everyone. People that are homosexuals get a big win if they pass the employment non- discrimination act and add that homosexuals cannot be discriminated against in the workplace. Most importantly though, if the government lightens up about sexual preference then it could have a trickle down affect.

6. My thoughts: This a step in the right direction. I love that Paul Singer's son is gay and he is supportive and he uses his position to advocate for gay rights even though he is a republican and that is a conservative no-no. I love the fact that Ken Mehlman came out. He was the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Its important for people to come out that way everyone gets used to it and it becomes just as normal as opposite sex marriage or whatever the other name for it is called. If the employment non-discrimination act adds that you cannot discriminate against homosexuals in the workplace that would be awesome. Once this generation starts accepting gay rights, it will eventually carry on to our children since children tend to have the same opinions about things as their parents do. Just like the saying monkey see, monkey do. Children see, children do. I like that there is now a law that forbids therapists from practicing gay conversion therapy. Gay conversion therapy just sounds sick to me. I'm all for gay-rights. If the republicans start to swing in the other direction then maybe they can pull some of the conservative with them.

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