Thursday, October 17, 2013

Privacy Fears Grow as Cities Increase Surveillance


2. Category: Personal Privacy Insecurities

3. Level: California

4. This article covers the privacy issues that people are facing with the new surveillance tools in California.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
-Individuals will be watched at all times. Criminals will be caught on cameras and sensors. The police will have more accurate evidence in the instance of a crime.

6. My Views:

-I think the biggest problem I have with the actions that are taking place is that it could pose "legal and ethical questions". These questions are referring privacy. Is it wrong that the city is receiving funds for protection against terror attacks in the bustling port, yet they are deciding to use the allowance for surveillance instead? I think so. This is the beginning of Ethical issues.
The next problem I have with this project is that people that are at no fault and completely innocent, will be constantly viewed threw these devices. No, they should not worry about getting in trouble if they do not do anything illegal, but what about privacy? Isn't one of the best things about our country the fact that we have the freedom to have personal privacy? I think there is a big difference between being protected by law enforcement and being stalked.
I think they need to supply more answers about what will be done with innocent evidence, how long these videos be saved and how much these surveillance tools are really helping lower the crime rate. I believe that if people want to commit a crime, they will do so. They already know the consequences and that is not stopping them from doing anything. What will a camera do? It does not seem to be much of a threat or prevention. I think it is just a better way to catch the bad guy after the crime.

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