Friday, October 11, 2013

Ohio Amish girl who ended chemo gets a guardian

1. (October 10, 2013)

2. Category of Problem: Health

3. Level of Problem: State (Ohio)

4. This article concerns a lawyer taking guardianship to a ten year old Amish girl with leukemia.

5. The ten year old Amish female in the article was diagnosed with leukemia and doctors say that she will die without chemotherapy treatments. This not only affects her health, but causes other problems because of her and her parent's beliefs. The Amish have a tendency to shun the modern world and after being told that chemotherapy was their only option for their daughter's survival, they opted for natural medicines. The article does not state whether or not the parents are continuing to guardian their child after this court decision, but that they did not show up for the hearing to resume treatments.

6. I think that the court's decision was probably in the best interest for the child's health, but I do think that they stepped on the parent's toes. Different cultures have different beliefs and these parent's were most likely angry and outraged that someone else had to step in and take medical guardianship of their child. I do think that the court did the right thing in making sure that the child was receiving chemotherapy treatments that she was needing, but I do not think that they went about it in the right way. The court should have tried to educate the parents on the different aspects of treatments and the benefits that it could have for their child instead of immediately stepping in and pushing the parents aside. This could lead to the immediate dis-ownership of the child and could have more long term effects.

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  1. I think that this article is a huge blessing in disguise. This article relates to everything from science to religion to medicine to politics. In this very short article several things caught my eye.

    1. Religion is the main thing that this article relates to. As I have talked about in several other of my articles/comments I am 100% for everyone having their own opinions and beliefs. How and what you think is up to everyone. When it starts to affect other people or is a life or death situation however is when I feel like everyone should respect individuals opinions. People get so involved in thinking that they way they think is the only way life should be. This article deals with religion affecting a life or death situation. After the young girl tried chemo and didn't have pretty immediate results, the Amish family turned against it and did not believe in modern medicine. Even though the doctor was telling her family should would not live without chemo they were willing to take that chance just for the fact of their religion. That is completely there choice...however so is this girl getting gaurdianship from her lawyer...which brings me to my second point.

    2. This attorney out of the kindness of his heart and to save a life took in a teenager for the best chances she could have. She obviously had to have some say in this and whether her religion or not she wanted to fight through this cancer with the best possible outcome. This shows a lot. She was willing to go against her families wishes and the fact that the lawyer took responsibilty for her made me realize there are still good people in this world. I would hope in that situation I would have the courage to do the same thing..whether I was the girl or the attorney.

    3. Although some argue that this is completely stepping on the toes of the girl's parents, I don't see it that way. They chose this and she has to fight for what she believes. We all grow up with similarities and many differences with our parents no matter our religion or our outlook on life. This situation is no different. Just because her parents believe one thing doesn't mean she has to, even if this is an extreme case. If the parents know their child is suffering and this is the best option for her they will support her and be there for her. And hopefully in the end they will realize that this attorney is not trying to step on their toes, but that he is trying to save their daughter.

    In all, I really like this article. I think it is amazing that a young Amish girl is willing to stick up for herself and that a lawyer is willing to be responsible. Like I said above, in this situation I hope I would have enough courage to act as either of these two did.