Friday, October 25, 2013

FDA proposes rules to make animal food safer

Week 8 Article #2 

1. (Jalonick, Mary). FDA proposes rules to make animal food safer. October 25, 2013 
Austin American Statesman

2. Category: Food and Drug Administration

3. Level: Nationwide 

4. This article concerns: 
The FDA is waiting to rule on making pet food and animal feed safer. 

5. Why is this important?

This is important and concerns many individuals and families because we need to make sure the food we are feeding our animals are tested properly to be safe, so they don't die or get sick. We need to make sure individuals who own farm animals are eating safe food especially because we consume them and we cannot get sick from what the animals eat. 
The rules would help human health by preventing food borne illnesses in pet food that can be transferred to human beings. 

6. What are your views?

The FDA needs to officially place a rule that pet food is properly tested to be safe for our animals to eat.  Just recently they weren't able to find what caused over 600 pet deaths in the last year which they believe is a link to the consumption of pet jerky treats made in China. I know we import most of our goods from China and we need to be very careful when it comes to food. I personally own a pet and I try my very best to give her natural foods and treats, but those are very pricey, but I want her to be healthy and consume nutritious food. So if I'm a pet owner that cares so much for the well being of her I bet there are just as many pet owners out there that feel the same way. I agree with what the FDA deputy commissioner said in the article: "The idea behind all of the food safety rules is to make businesses more responsible for the safety of the food they are selling by proving they are using good food safety practices. They might do that by documenting basic information about their suppliers' cleanliness, testing foods or acquiring food safety audits. If they fail to verify the food is safe, the FDA could stop shipments of their food." 

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