Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Safety Worries Lead to "Trunk-or-Treating"


2. Category of Issue: Safety

3. Level of Issue: National

4. This article concerns families and individuals who have gotten so wrapped up in everything bad that can happen they are not even enjoying their life, or letting there kids live their life without fear. There is no policy about this.

5. This article affects families and individuals by affecting their value of life. Parents in the 21st century are so concerned with the safety of their children, and sometimes rightfully so, they forget to let them enjoy the things they once got to enjoy as children. This affects everyone these days due to the amount of violence and craziness that is happening in our world. 

6. My Views
- I would be so upset with my parents if, when I was younger, they didn't allow me to go trick-or-treating. Is "trunk-or-treating" really the new thing that is coming into our world. Even though these parents have taken this safety thing way over board, they have a right for feeling this way. When my parents were younger, there were no cell phones, people didn't stay at home playing video games, children and teenagers were allowed to roam the streets all day and not have their parents fear where they were. I can remember a story my mom tells when she was younger her mom would give her 2 dollars for the day and she would be gone ALL day, again with no cell phone or no way to check in. Now, parents feel the need to know where their children are at at all times and fear for their safety whenever they are not in their sight. I hate that this is what our world has come to. More importantly, our nation. Violence, kidnapping, abuse, molestation, drug addiction and so many more issues have become so common that parents feel like they can't even take their children trick or treating anymore? I could not have agreed more with Lenore Skenazy, who let's her children roam the streets of New York during trick-or-treating. This is the one night they get to explore and have fun on their own. People these days live in fear, 24/7. As much as I think we need to keep our children safe, we can't instill fear into them. She said it perfectly when she replies to other adults questioning her about letting her kids go trick or treating on their own. She calmly states, you let your kids go to your relatives? No one thinks of it this way, but more kids are molested or abducted by their own families then by strangers. Anything can happen on any given day, to anyone. People shouldn't fear on holidays. Let your kids go trick or treating, if you don't think it's safe, then go with them. Don't take away their childhood because you are scared of what might happen.

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  1. I'm not opposed to trunk-or-treating. I think it's a cute idea, and if it gives parents peace of mind, then by all means, go ahead. I feel like, for kids, their biggest concerns are what costume they're going to wear and how much candy they're collecting. In my opinion, there are three sides to it.
    One: There's a fear of opening your door to hundreds of people and putting your home/yourself at risk from creeps who might use the opportunity to to catch you off guard.
    Two: Yes, people are terrified of something happening to their children. I'm sure I won't allow my children to roam the streets, amusement parks, and stores like I was allowed to do when I was little. And I think about what a shame it is that that's what society is like now and it's only getting worse, but I have to protect my family. There are ways they can still feel independent and have fun and explore. Most children I see trick or treating are accompanied by parents anyway...
    Three: There are people who don't think about the dangers and allow their children to go and do wherever/whatever they'd like. They don't want their children to get mad at them for setting boundaries and rules, so they make their family even more of a target.
    Being that it's not unusual for people to be wearing masks and disguises on Halloween, it makes it easier for pedophiles, thieves, and killers etc. to get away with things.