Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Same Sex Marriage Couples Challenge Constitution Law in Tennessee


2. Category: Same Sex Marriage

3. Level: National

4. This article talks about the lawsuit that four couples have brought to court against the law in Tennessee. They believe that the Tennessee law should recognize their marriage because it was made official in a state where it is legal to be married in a same sex relationship.  

5. How is this affecting individuals/families?
-Same sex couples will be affected by this if they live in Tennessee. They may or may not be legally recognized as a married couple in that state. The citizens of Tennessee may be affected by this lawsuit as well. If the ruling allows for the same sex marriage to be recognized by the state, their will certainly be people that do not agree.  

6. My Views:
-I believe in the constitution and its stand on this subject.  Each state has the right whether or not to recognize a same sex marriage.  In this case, Tennessee has decided, as a state, to not recognize same sex marriages. They will not receive the same benefits as a  If a couple who lives in a state that does not recognize same sex marriages, goes elsewhere to get married, they are aware of their home states position and should respect its laws. To me there seems to be a misinterpretations of the constitution for many citizens in America. Equal protection rights, under the constitution, means that you will not be treated differently in he work place or society. This does not mean that because you choose a different life style that the state does not agree with, that you will the exception to the rule. Gay marriage is not legal in many states because of religious beliefs and if you are not a supporter of those beliefs you have the freedom to live elsewhere.   

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