Wednesday, October 2, 2013

APNewsBreak: Texas reveals execution drug's origin


2. Category of issue: Health

3. Level of issue: State

4. This article concerns convicts who are on death-row awaiting execution.

5. Texas, the nation's most active death-penalty state was found to have obtained new execution drugs from a compounding pharmacy to replace their former (expired) execution drugs. This affects individuals because it violates the U.S. Constitution against cruel and unusual punishment. If these drugs are newly used to execute individuals, they probably are more unlikely to be tested and could create a change in lethal injection. There was an individual lawsuit filed in Houston that says that T

6.  I  agree in thinking that the lawsuits filed in Houston were from a reasonable standpoint--using an untested drug isn't following the U.S. Constitution's protection against cruel and unusual punishment, although in saying this I am probably going to sound like a heartless person. If these individuals such as Michael Yowell (scheduled for execution for killing his parents) are on death row, why should it matter what lethal injections they are being given? I know that this could backfire either way, most people might go to say that "what if this was me being given untested drugs?" I do understand this, and would hope that if I did that sort of crime, I would understand that I needed to fulfill my sentence/punishment. Others might agree with me, but if he committed the crime, he should be given what every other person in the state of Texas undergoing the death penalty is receiving.

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