Friday, October 25, 2013

Full testing of Healthcare.gove began too late,contractors say

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1. Full testing of began too late, contractors say

2. Category: Healthcare/economy

3. Level: National

4. Article concern:
The article exemplified how insufficient testing on the website. There was no action taking to prevent the mishaps of why the website launch was incomplete for full working capacity.

5. How does it affect individuals:  
The fact that Obamacare before hand was not implemented enough or even in majority favor in the White House took a much more hit on the fact that the website was not properly working for its launch. Individuals who are in need or in favor of the new health care reform and took action to get on the site but could not affect there chances to try and get on board with the new law. This especially affected Republican states who do not favor the law to showcase how Obamacare is not efficient enough to work. Overall it affected the image of Obamacare by not being reliable to start with.

6. My views:
When first began looking into Obamacare I was very excited to see what would happen on October 1st. I feel that the failure of testing the website before hand gave the new law a bad look before it could even be given a chance. Since the website is suppose to be fully functional by the end of November hopefully Americans can start trusting the new law of the land now. It will definitely be a new beginning of change for the economy.

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