Saturday, October 12, 2013

Man who stabbed wife 35 times gets 15 years

1. San Antonio Express News, 10/11/2013, page A3 & A6 (continued)
2. Category: Criminal
3. State level
4. Affecting an individual
5. A man who stabbed his wife 35 times only gets sentenced to 15 years because prosecutors offered him a deal if he confessed to aggravated assault of a family member. 
6. It's unbelievable that a someone who commits a crime like that could get away with only 15 years in prison. Sure he showed remorse, but anybody who flips out like that deserves to be behind bars for the rest of their life. It wasn't his first assault and it won't be his last. If I were his wife I would be terrified for the day he gets released. I don't understand how the deal for his confession was as important as giving him rightful punishment for nearly killing his wife, and causing her to miscarry. 

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