Friday, October 4, 2013

HISD to seek 4-cent tax rate increase

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4. A potential policy that is being considered that could benefit the HISD school district.

5. This would increase property taxes but only by 4 cents. The outcome though would be great. The staff could be getting an increase in pay which could benefit the families that have teachers and students would also have possibly a better education since the budget would increase and they could have better materials.

6. I agree with this policy. HISD is one of the biggest school districts, and being a former HISD student I noticed that the schools I attended could have used a bigger budget for new materials and other things. The 4 cent increase is something that I don't think will leave people broke by any means. This increase will transform into big numbers as a whole and it will bring in tax dollars that can benefit our school district, which is in need. I think when people get a pay increase they also tend to work better and more efficiently. Some of the HISD schools do lack good educators and I think this increase could help them become motivated and possibly they could hire better talent. I hope this passes and if it does that it used wisely. 

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