Monday, September 30, 2013

DPS Issuing Election IDs (San Marcos)


2. Category of issue: Election Identification

3. Level: Local (San Marcos)/ State

4. This article is talking about the issuing of election identification certificates (EIC) for the up and coming elections. These are necessary for people that do not have another form of identification that is acceptable for a casting ballot.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
 People that do not have another form of identification acceptable for the election will now be able to vote. Those people have a chance to give there vote and have a voice in the community.

6. My Views:
Under the law set in 2011, all citizens must have some form of identification to vote. This creates an issue for those people that, for whatever reason, do not have the correct form of ID. I think that by giving everyone the opportunity to get an ID will be a positive thing. This will allow everyone to have a voice. Not everyone in our community has the necessary forms or identification to vote and I think it is important that everyone that wants to, gets the option to vote. By law, we as citizens have the right to vote for who we want in to lead us and I think it is only fair that everyone has an equal opportunity. 

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