Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Law for Tanning Salons

Week #1 article #2
1. Jody Serrano (August 30th, 2013) Minors Can No Longer Use Tanning Salons Under New Law. San Marcos Mercury

2. Category of problem: Human Health

3. Level of problem: National and State

4. This article concerns: New laws restricting minors from indoor tanning beds

5. Importance/affect on families/individuals: 

The impact of this article for families and individuals is that the laws are now in affect as of september 1st. These laws restrict all minors (age 17 and younger) from using indoor tanning beds. Many people may or may not agree to these laws but non the less they are final and are to be followed.

6: My Input:

This article talks about how in ealier years minors could tan with parental concent. A lady by the name of Cheri Huber explains her history with tanning. She used them from the time she was sixteen years all the way until she was fourty years of age. She stopped tanning when she found out she had melanoma skin cancer. She mentioned that she wished she was more aware of negative effects of tanning prior to having cancer. For many years the federal government has tried to impliment certain requirements such as visible warning labels in tanning salons. Many states even required parental concent to tan if the customer was under age. The new law is named senate bill 329. This bill updated the one prior to it saying that minors sixteen and a half to eighteen years of age must have a parental concent of approval in order to tan in a salon. The new law states that minors will no longer be able to tan at all. One of the main reasons behind this new bill being written was that tanning indoors before the age of 18 would increase cancer risks by 85%. This is a large percentage.
In 2009 World Health Organization classified tanning beds as Carcinogenic. This is a scary thought. Many people, including myself, are paying to potentially have skin cancer. Usually, you try to prevent or avoid these types of things from occuring. As a tanning bed user, this article does put in perspective for me what I am doing to my body. Just like with every thing, there is a reaction for every action you take. I have been tanning in a tanning bed off and on for 10 years of my life and thankful I have yet to receive much harm. I say much harm because I have noticed more sun spots and many more freckles since I began tanning. I absolutely do connect them with tanning in a salon bed. I hope that this is a wake up call to many and that if you are using the salon beds you will be cautious of the harm it can cause.

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