Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top California Lawmakers Back Raising Minimum Wage


2. Category: Consumer/financial

3. Level of problem: State

4. Article concerns: California's top lawmakers are supporting a plan to raise minimum wage in California. Legislature would raise minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour starting in 2016.

5. Why this is important to individuals/families?: The Democrats who hold the majority in both houses are the one who want to pass this bill because they think that minimum wage has not kept pace with rising costs and it will help families that are struggling with this harsh economy. On the other hand, Republicans have opposed the job increase because they think it is a job killer and that it is going to drive more jobs out of the state. But it doesn't matter what the Republicans think because the Democrats hold all statewide offices and agree that this is simply an opportunity to respect those who simply want to be able to provide for their families due to the fast that the cost of food, gas, and all kinds of things have been going up.

6. My input: Even tho I am a Republican I definitely would have to agree with the Democrats on this issue. California is an expensive place to live in in general and I think that their minimum wage should be higher than places where it is not as expensive to live in. We are not in that great of an economy and costs are just getting higher, especially in California, so I think that minimum wage should be raised a couple dollars. It will tremendously help out families who are struggling to pay the bills and who can't afford other things. For example, being a college kid having the opportunity to live in California would be great. And since most kids have to pay to get themselves through college they are going to have to start at the bottom which would be having to get a minimum wage job. So I think the pay being raised would help out those students a whole lot and give them that much more of a chance to succeed. Also, older people who can't get a higher paying job or who got let go from a job because of the economy should also have a chance to succeed. Even having their pay be raised a couple dollars would help them out in these hard times and be able to support their family that much more. Not everyone is blessed with being successful in their careers, so having this law passed would give lower class families so much more opportunity to not struggle as bad and to be able to pay their bills every month or be able to afford food and gas which is a necessity. I personally hope that they do pass this law and maybe eventually raise minimum wage in other state too so more families can be able to better provide from their families.

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