Friday, September 13, 2013

Hospitals emerging as powerful health care sales force

Week 2, Article #1
1. Hancock, Jay. (2013, September 13). Hospitals emerging as powerful health-care sales force. Washington Post.

2. Category of problem: Healthcare

3. Level of problem: Nation 

4. The article concerns: With the Affordable Care Act, hospitals are trying to set up community outreach programs to help consumers understand the new exchanges that are going to take place for those who are uninsured. Hospitals are pushing for consumers to enroll in the new exchanges to deviate from the financial losses they may face with the new marketplace.

5. Why is it important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?
a. It is very important for families to understand the new marketplace for insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act will contain so many new exchanges as to which type of insurance will be provided, especially to those who are unable to afford insurance will now be able to. It is vital that families understand the changes of the new marketplace, because insurance is essential when it comes to raising families. Their are so many people without insurance, that it has become such an epidemic. The Affordable Care Act is suppose to help those in need without insurance. It will different from the Medicaid enrollment, so for those families on Medicaid can potentially cause changes to their benefits. Therefore, families who are aware of what is new healthcare plan entails with better help them prepare for the changes they may need to make to maintain their insurance. Those families without insurance will definitely help them seek new opportunities to be enrolled in the marketplace.

6. What are your views on the issue/policy?
 First off I definitely agree with hospitals taking initial for outreach programs to help explain to consumers of the new marketplace. I will help consumers understand what various types of enrollments will be available for them. The Affordable Care Act in my perceptive is vital to the point of everyone having insurance. But I feel that it will cause corruption for hospitals in a sense of what will happen to the doctors or will there be enough doctors. It is really hard to get a full understanding of the new exchanges, all I can hope is that as Americans we do overall help those in need. There is so much controversy about the Affordable Care Act, that I can say for the most part I definitely do agree with the plan to help those uninsured.   

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