Friday, September 27, 2013

Exxon to offer benefits to same-sex couples in US

Week 4, Article 3

2.     Category: Marriage rights
3.     Level: National
4.     This new benefit concerns same sex spouses.
5.     The article explains how Exxon now has healthcare benefits for same sex spouses. They changed their policy after The Labor Department said the old policy goes against the American law.
6.     Exxon is the last of oil companies to change their policy so same sex spouses can receive benefits that other marriages get. They may have only made the change because of the Labor Department and because they were receiving a series of complaints but at least the change was made. The article stated that they were really “dragging their feet” when it came to changing the policy. Regardless of the reason of why it took them so long, I’m glad they finally made benefits available for all married couples. Having companies update their policy to include benefits for people of same sex marriages shows that we are all moving forward to accept and appreciate everyone.  

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