Friday, September 27, 2013

Advocates File Lawsuit to Block Abortion Restrictions

Week 4, Article 2

2.     Category: Health/medical
3.     Level: State
4.     This concerns women across the state that wants or need abortions.
5.     These new regulations on abortion will make it more difficult for women to have the procedure and the abortion rights advocates filed a lawsuit to block the restrictions.
6.     I think the restrictions are meant to ultimately get rid of abortion all together, which the article mentions. The new law claims to want to make the hospitals safer but there were hardly any infractions that were serious enough to be fined. There are hospitals in Lubbock, Fort Worth, Waco, and other cities that will be cut off because of the new law. There are only six facilities that meet the requirements in the whole state and it will make women have to travel further and spend more money to have the procedure. I don’t think closing down facilities will reduce the number or stop women from getting abortions. They will just travel further or even worse, try to terminate pregnancies themselves. I think it’ll create more problems if the restrictions aren’t blocked. 

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