Friday, September 20, 2013

Texas Eyes PACE Loans to Boost Energy Efficiency

1. The Article

2. Environment/Economy

3. State Level

4. This article talks about a potential program, PACE, that could benefit our state greatly by being efficient with our energy usage.

5. This benefits families and individuals, one because they may be business owners. This program would offer loans for businesses to become more energy efficient. This would lower the energy costs for energy bills and our air quality could get better in the long run. This would benefit non-business owners because if energy bills are lower prices of the goods and services offered could lower as well.

6. I think this a great program that will benefit the state as a whole. By being energy efficient not only are businesses saving money, but they would be contributing less carbon emissions. Texas is the state that uses the most energy and we could be an example for other states. For now this is for commercial and industrial properties but in the future it could be something homeowners could adopt as well. Our air quality is only getting worse, we've been in a drought for a while now and with this program we could alleviate this issue. I don’t think it would something that many people couldn’t afford since according to the article the monthly payment would less than the savings so it is something that even small business owners could afford. I hope to see this program succeed because we need to act now to better this state.

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