Friday, September 6, 2013

Abortion Restrictions Become Law in Texas, but Opponents Will Press Fight


2. Health/medical, Abortion

3. State level

4. A recently enacted policy that has been passed to help with a problem/issue that individuals/families face.

5. The recent change in policies regarding women's health will result in the closure of abortion clinics which do not reach the "same standards as hospital style surgical centers". This will leave 4-6 abortion/women's health clinics total in the state of Texas. This significantly influences Texas state residents which may depend on the services of abortion/women's health clinics.

6. Bill 2 is in conflict with federal law on at least 2 levels. First, it engenders "undue burden" on a women's right to an abortion - regardless of faith-based beliefs in the US, the state government has no right to make the abortion process difficult or virtually impossible for a state resident (which, arguably, Bill 2 does). Second, the law was passed during a second special session, at the disdain of a majority opponents to the bill. At an inherent American level, the government is clearly not reflecting the voice of the people - sovereign rights are federally, constitutionally and culturally instated in the US and the passing of this bill defies justice as defined by Americans. I've heard arguments against abortion that I actually sympathize with, but I have never heard an argument against women's rights that I didn't feel was completely misguided. In my opinion, abortion laws are not about whether abortion is right or wrong, they're about whether women should be deprived of the right to have an abortion - I believe, and always will believe, that a woman has the right to make her own choices for her own body. 

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