Friday, September 6, 2013

TxDOT's Cost-Cutting Plans Draw Local Outrage

2. Transportation safety

3. State and local

4. This problem faces everybody who drives on highways across the state.

5. Cutting the costs to maintain the roads will affect drivers of highways because they are converting paved roads into gravel roads, which make for slower travel and can be unsafe for drivers. Local officials are upset because they feel like public hearings on the matter should have taken place.

6. If maintaining the roads is becoming too expensive due to increasing traffic, then the TxDOT should partner with the cities to help provide money for the roads. The agency could also address the city thoroughly when more making the decision to convert the roads. That way the city can choose whether they are willing to make the changes or help provide funding. While it may mean more taxes that may be the only way to keep the roads safe for everybody. With gravel roads the traffic will be slower and there is concern that heavy trucks won’t abide by the speed limit, which can put others in danger. Because there is so much traffic we can’t afford to risk the safety of drivers and it will cause a lot of frustration because it’ll take people longer to get to their destination. 

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