Thursday, September 26, 2013

For Low-Income Students Considering College, a Nudge to Aim High

Week 4 Article #1

1. (Leohardt,David). For Low-Income Students Considering College, a Nudge to Aim High
   (2013, September 25) New York Times 

2. Category of Problem: Education

3. Level of Problem: National

4. This article concerns: 
 The group that administers the SAT has begun a nationwide outreach program to try to persuade more low-income high school seniors who scored high on standardized tests to apply to select colleges.

5. Why is this article important?
This article is important because many low income families whose children attend high school and have SAT scores in the top 15 percent of test takers will receive pacakages of information sent by the College Board to inform students about appyling to the top colleges and will include application fee waivers to six colleges of their choice. 
The program is a wonderful program to help low income students with high test scores to apply to college, but many of those students do not apply or don't even attend so this will be a good way to communicate to students about applying and attending college after graduating high school.

6. What are your views?

 I feel that what the College Board is planning on doing is a wonderful and great idea to help low income students get the help they need when it comes to applying to top colleges. Many students that come from a poor financial background don't think they are able to make it into college because they feel money is what's holding them back. But by receiving a package from the College Board that offers free waivers on application fees to and each packet will contain information about admissions, financial aid and graduation rates and advice about applying to college is something necessary for many low income students to better understand the process of applying to college and what else is expected to come there way. I believe this is a fantastic way to encourage them to apply to college quite honesty. The cost of application fees is any where from $45-$65 that can it add up when you are applying to more than one school. I also like the idea that the College Board is planning on creating a program to help low income minority students to take AP classes while in high school to help them prep for classes that they will take in college.  Usually for low-income minorities AP exams cost anywhere from $10 to having it absolutely free for them to take. It is nice to see that there are some programs out there that are willing to help minorities get a good education and that they want to see them succeed in college!

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  1. I think that this is an awesome opportunity for low income families to have a chance at success. Most kids know that they don't have much of an opportunity to go to college because of the expenses of it and that already sets them up for failure and doesn't give them the chance to be successful in the future. Some of these lower class students are actually really smart and for them to have the opportunity to go to college because of their scores is so cool! This also gives hope to their parents knowing that their kid can grow up and become somebody and not have to live a poor life like their family had to. If they promote this program it will probably also make the students try harder in school and study more knowing they have the opportunity to go to college if they do good on their testing. I hope that these smart kids take advantage of this opportunity so they can follow their dreams and get a good degree that they may have not thought they were able to because of their families money problems. Hopefully this spreads to other schools and interests students, this could also help with the poverty problems in the future. If these kids take this great opportunity they can have just as good of a chance for success as another kid who isn't poor. If they go after their dream and make a decent living they can also give back to their families as they are going through hard times and struggling on a day to day basis. It's cool to see that the College Board cares about the future and success of these poorer minorities and that they actually do want to help them out and give them that chance to go to college and make something of themselves. I really feel that this program is eventually going to make a difference for the less fortunate and that makes me happy to hear.