Friday, September 6, 2013

In Austin, Nondiscrimination Laws are Old News

Week #1, Article #2

Toohey, Marty. (2013, September 5). In Austin, nondiscrimination laws are old news. Austin American Statesman.

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1. Category of problem: Marriage; Religion
2. Level of problem: Local/State
3. The article concerns: New laws have passed in San Antonio regaurding nondiscrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. Austin has had such laws in effect for years.
4. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?
     a.  Each individual will have a different opinion on the passing of the new laws; both will probably have a strong opinion. Families and individuals could be either offended or relieved depending on their beliefs.
5. What are your views on the issue/policy?
     a. Both individuals and families have certain beliefs and values that are based on how they were raised and on where they were brought up. The passing of protection against nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation could mean different things based on each person. Of course, gays are going to love the fact that they can no longer be discriminated against, especially legally. The idea of marriage and acceptance will sound great to anyone that is involved in a homosexual relationship. However, on the other hand, religous followers will be outraged at even the thought of homosexual marriage being acceptable in our society. Personally, I believe homosexuals should not have to undergo discrimination and that the passing of this law is a great help to our society. I feel that no matter what one's sexual orientation is, they should have the option of marriage. I also feel that they should be able to feel comfortable in their community and workplace. Recently, San Antonio has made it exceptional to be openly involved with someone of the same sex. They will protect the individuals' rights, and prohibit discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, and transgenders. San Antonio is not the only state in Texas that has passed such laws; Austin has had them standing for years. The article states that Austin has been gay friendly since the year 1992. It goes on to say that since then, contracts must be signed stating that no discrimination will take place in the business or workplace in order to open up a business in the city. This shows that Austin, and now San Antonio, emensely support the rights of homosexuals and that the cities strive to be an open community to all. Sexual orientation, along with many other topics, should not be the basis of discrimination; homosexuals of all sorts should be able to live as freely as any other citizen of the United States.

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