Friday, September 13, 2013

Rejection of Black Sorority Candidate at the University of Alabama

Sorority Exposes Its Rejection of Black Candidate



2. Category of Issue: Racism

3. Level: State Level

4. This article concerns a problem/issue that individuals/families face.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?

Just as any racism issue would affect individuals and families, this is no exception. The individuals are being denied of acceptance into a college sorority. This is very degrading towards the individuals and their families.

6. My Views:

This issue was really shocking to me. I feel like we as a country have made so many progressions away from racism and this is proof that some people still have not changed very much. This should have been an issue brought up many years ago. I can not understand how the University of Alabama can let this occur, much less the state. They definitely need to figure out a solution to stop these racist actions. In the article it talks about how the black students were dropped from recruitment. The writer mentions that some of the members of the sororities said that they had not made the decision to cut the girls themselves, but had been persuaded to do so. In the process of recruitment it should only be the decision of the girls that are in the chapter at that time, it is not the decision of the alumni or the advisers. It is surprising to me that the girls would have to be forced to make racist actions against completely likable candidates. I also think that is very interesting that the biracial girl spoke up about being dropped as well. Has our country learned anything from our past? It is 2013 people! Everyone should be treated fairly and equally. This article really brings up some rough topics, but as Americans I think we should get over the bias views and do what is right.


  1. I agree, it is 2013! Not only should racism not be an issue these days, but discrimination of any type should not be raised. Whether she got turned away because she was black, gay, religious or whatever, it should not be an issue. Especially in colleges! Universities are supposed to teach kids diversity to people, places, and topics. This is the exact opposite. Not only was the candidate who got turned away because of her race hurt, but so were the sorority sisters that were involved. They were put under an immense amount of pressure to have to choose between the alumni and who they thought could be a life long friend and sister. The fact that the alumni sisters were the ones behind it all, is outrageous. Not only should these women be open and accepting to anybody that wants to join their sisterhood, but their actions were racist. The article stated that this was not the first incident where sisters had been forced to choose between the two. These alumni have had issues with other black candidates who have tried to join in the past. This is not only an issue for the sorority, but it also makes the University of Alabama look bad. Honestly, some would say that it makes the university look racist, at least the Greek life. Students should not have to go through such torture in order to make friends and become part of the organization that they wish. The alumni put everyone in a terrible position, in order to what? What is the point of not allowing an extremely qualified black woman to become a member of their sorority? The only reason that comes to most peoples mind is racism. The alumni had no excuse, she was an excellent student and the current sorority sisters loved her. There is no reason that she should not have gotten in. The University of Alabama needs to look into this, and take proper actions. In fact, they should investigate other fraternities and sororities to make sure they are not subject to such discrimination as well. The university needs to make sure that each Greek house has the proper diversity and acceptance.

  2. I think that this is horrible that any sorority would turn down a person based on their race. We are in America and no longer living in the past where we used to have segregation, I thought all that was behind us. For this sorority to not have let a black member in for over 10 years is so wrong. This just really shows the type of people we still have in this world to deny someone who is just as human as everyone else their rights as an American. It makes the whole state of Alabama look bad for what they have been doing for many years. If they don't do something to stop this racism its not going to get any better and may even cause more problems to come.