Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teen dead, more hurt in Texas high school stabbing

1. Graczyk, Michael. (2013, September 4). Teen dead, more hurt in Texas high school stabbing. Austin American Statesman.

2. Category of problem: School aged children

3. Level of problem: State Level

4. The article concerns: Spring, Texas (Houston area) fight outside of local high school that escalated into the death of a 17 year old student as well as stab wounds to others. 

5. Why is this important to families/individuals or how does it affect individuals/families? This definitely affects the individuals who were involved in this tragic case, as well as the families of these individuals. The superintendent of the school district (Draper) stated, "every parent sends their child to school believing school should be one of those safe haven places." In regards to this, I believe that, too. School should be a "safe place" for children to go to, but nowadays, fights, as stated in the article, are getting worse.  Families, parents especially, are scared for their children's safety and even the individual (student) are scared for their own safety as well. Text messages from children were sent to parents asking them to be picked up because of the severity of their terror. Parents were not even informed in a timely manner, which reflects poor actions on the school's part. Parent's should be kept informed on their children's safety, and if children are scared to attend school, this is a huge problem! 

6. What are your own views? Something should be done to make fighting more controllable in their district. This is not the first time that fights have occurred at that school, so maybe the district should research different districts who have had the same problem with fighting and see what they did to fix it. I do believe though that there is only so much punishment and reprimanding that the school can do to the students who are involved in these incidents. Actions and punishments should go back to the parents or people responsible for raising the child, but in most cases, this is less possible, which causes more problems. Students entering high school should be required to take some sort of course on fighting, so that they can be more educated on the serious harm they could do to somebody and be educated in what the consequences are when you are involved in such altercations. 

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  1. I totally agree with you. I believe a lot of how students act out and behave trickle back to their home lives. I feel like the schools can only do so much as far as making sure their students are safe but at the end of the day there cannot be a supervisor for every student, thats impossible. Of course with any situation like this, there are always steps that the faculty could have handled differently and it is their job to make sure they are prepared for any type of incident at any period of time. However, if a child is acting out on a regular basis then the blame should not be pointed at the school and instead be reflected on the childs home life. In my opinion, by the time I was in highschool I knew what was right and wrong for the most part and I knew if I ever acted that way I would be punished so the students responsible for this tragic accident I feel need to be punished just like any other individual would be highschool or not. An argument and/or fight should never turn that severe before somebody else steps in and it is very unfortunate that the outcome of this was so terrible.