Friday, September 13, 2013

California Lawmakers Allow Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Week #2, Article #2
Wilson, Reid. (2013, September 13) California Lawmakers Allow Licenses for Illegal Immigrants. Washington Post. 

     1. Category of problem: Gun Control
2. Level of problem: State
3. The article concerns: California has recently passed two bills concerning the distribution of driver's licenses to "undocumented immigrants". It states that immigrants will be able to receive a driver's license that will allow them to operate a vehicle, however will not count as residential documentation. The bill also states that "Californians won't be able to buy certain kinds of firearms." Proper documentation will now be required upon the purchase of a firearm. (such documentation has not yet been determined) Also passed in the state of California, a new bill will prohibit one from owning a gun for ten years after committing a violent crime. Finally, a bill has been passed, that "will require the state to ask a panel of federal judges to delay an order to reduce prison population so that California can expand mental health and substance abuse programs, which could then take on added capacity."
4. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals?
     a. Gun control is typically important to most families. Fatal and life threatening crimes occur all over our nation;a large number are committed with firearms. Placing more restrictions on the right to possess a gun will help any family to avoid such incidents. The final bill that was passed however, may put families and individuals in danger. It clearly states that less inmates will be behind bars, therefore more will be on the streets.
5. What are your views on the issue/policy?
     a.  I feel that of the bills that were mentioned in this article, some were very good decisions for the state. I think that it is an excellent idea to restrict the rights of those that have committed violent crimes, such as taking away one's right to own another gun for at least ten years. Though this won't fully put a stop to crimes committed with firearms, it will help to get a few more guns off of the streets.  I also support the bill that will create more "mental health and substance abuse groups." I feel that drugs are more than present in the social world today. There are multiple different drugs out there that can cause serious addiction and that can lead to the abuse of other serious drugs. I have had a few friends check in to rehab before, therefore I am a strong supporter of these programs. One of my friends had hit rock bottom; after rehab, a relapse, rehab again, and then a halfway house, he has finally made it out of his addiction. He literally was a changed person and I feel that these programs can help turn multiple peoples' lives around. All and all I feel that California's recent legislation was a good move for them, and a step in the right direction towards a brighter future.

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