Friday, September 13, 2013

Group Calls for New Texas Building Code


2. Category: Environment

3. Level: State

4. This issue faces individuals and families across the state.

5. A group of environmental advocates are asking officials to make stricter standards when it comes to the energy building code. These standards will help our energy-strained state reduce our usage and end up saving us money.

6. I think if there is room to improve then we should take those steps to make a better future for our energy. The article stated that within the decade our state could start to experience blackouts because the energy usage is tremendous and isn't going to slow down anytime soon. With having homes that are more energy-friendly usage will be reduced and homeowners can save money on their electricity bill that can add up to a lot of money every year. It will be another change after the international standards were adopted not too long ago, but if this will help make our future look better then the energy building code should take this into consideration.

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