Thursday, September 19, 2013

House Passes Bill Cutting $40 Billion From Food Stamps

Week #3
Article #1

1.     Category of problem: Politics
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: Food Stamps
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: This article concerns individuals with low income that are provided with food stamps.

My input: In this article, a cut from the food stamp program in the next 10 years is discussed. The Republican Party passed a bill to cut about $40 billion dollars over the next 10 years to the food stamp program. According to the Republican Party, this program has grown out of control hence the cut. This cut will affect approximately four million people that are under the poverty line, leaving them without benefits. These changes also affect adults between the ages of 18 and 50 years old, by requiring them to work in order to be eligible to obtain the benefits. I do not agree with this bill because by cutting this money from the food stamp program it will affect many people in the United States, creating more poverty and creating a bigger struggle for unfortunate Americans who are under the poverty line to support themselves and their families.

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