Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorority Exposes Its Rejection of Black Candidate

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4. This article discusses an issue many college individuals face.

5. The article states how African-American women are not being selected for sororities at the University of Alabama, and although it is Alabama I do think it's a problem that happens all over this country. The people who are choosing the women to be accepted into these organizations are segregating these women who possess the qualities of what these sororities want.

6. I think this is problem because people are still being downright racist. No sorority is allowed to turn away prospective members because of their ethnicity or race. I myself am a member of a sorority and it infuriates me to see things happening like these in the Greek life community, it gives us a bad name. I know that it is not the students making the decisions but it is not right to deny girls into a sorority simply because they are not white. Alabama is a state that is a little behind and so is Texas and I can see some discrimination going on in our sororities even here at Texas State, even though we pride ourselves on being diverse. It's a problem to these women especially because they are being turned away for something that they should be proud of, their backgrounds.

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