Friday, September 20, 2013

The mass shooting America barely noticed

Week #3
Article #2

1.     Category of problem: Politics
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: Mass Shooting
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: 
This article talks about the mass shooting that occurred in Washington and how not many people heard of it or even knew what had happened.

My input: A mass shooting occurred in Washington at the Navy Yard on Monday. This shooting killed 12 people in a military building, and the author of this article is wondering why not many people were alarmed or even cared to learn more about the tragic event. Articles like this affects the United States because it demonstrates how people in our country sometimes do not pay attention to news like this one when people have been brutally murdered and instead they listen to news that do not affect our country such as who will be the new miss America.

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