Friday, September 13, 2013

Univision Building decision a bad one

1. San Antonio Express News

2. Historical preservation

3. Local

4. The president of the San Antonio Conservation Society was denied the historic label for the downtown Univision building which would have prevented it from being demolished to clear space for an apartment complex.

5. The nation's first Spanish-language TV station was housed in the Univision building downtown San Antonio. This mid-century architectural style building has been vacant since July, and plans have been discussed to demolish and replace it with an apartment complex that has already had $600,000 put into its design. The Conservation Society wanted the building to be labeled a historic landmark.

6. Personally I don't see anything special about the Univision building. The mid-century architecture is nothing to brag. It's dull, lacks character and certainly would not be a huge loss since it's hasn't even been occupied for almost 3 months. Without knowing all of the details of the plans, I believe an apartment complex could be a healthy addition to the downtown area. It will provide convenient housing for people who work downtown and maybe provide more customers for struggling businesses in that area.

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