Friday, September 13, 2013

Sorority exposes its rejection of a black candidate

                                                             Week 2 Article 1

1. Campbell Robertson, Alan Blinder. ( 2013, Sept 12) Sorority Exposes It's Rejection of a Black Candidate. New York Times. A14.

2. Category of problem: discrimination

3. Level of problem: local

4. This article concerns: Sorority members spoke up about their sorority sisters rejecting a well qualified candidate base on race.

5. Importance/affect on families/individuals:
 This affects all the young men and women that tried to get into the different sororitys and fraternitys over the years. The article states that there has not been a single black male or female in a sorority or fraternity since 2003. That's ten years! Rejection doesn't make any one feel good about themselves. Add discrimination to the mix and that's got to be an awful feeling. The girls that spoke out in the sorority were affected obivousely enough to say something. They think it's wrong but they don't know how to fix it. We'll until it gets fixed, it is gong to continue to affect other people at that school as well. I'm sure it affected this particular girls whole family.

6. What I think about this: 
It really is a shame. I don't understand or tolerate discrimination at all. I have a black stepfather and a younger half sister that is half black. I don't consider myself very active or outspoken when it comes to school or policy or legislature. But when I read that about the half black girl that also got denied it made me think of my little sister who is a sophomore in high school right now. She'll be going to college soon and this just made me think of what I would tell her to do or what I would want to do about it if that happened to her. Honestly though, I do not know. So if anyone is reading this and they have a solution about what could be done in that case, leave a comment. 

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