Friday, September 6, 2013

Rise Is Seen in Students Who Use E-Cigarettes


2. Category* of Problem/Issue identified in article: Health

3. Level of problem/issue: National Level

4. The article concerns individuals who smoke cigarettes and/or e-cigarettes and families who have teens in middle school or high school that are possibly being exposed to tobacco and could potentially harm them later on in life.

5. Why is this important to individuals/families? It is important because it has really taken off with kids in the last couple of years. Students who have never tried a traditional cigarette are now trying e-cigarettes which their fearing could become a gateway to more harmful product use. Not only that but e-cigarettes haven't been on the market long enough to know what the long-term side effects could potentially be.

6. What are your views on the issue/policy?  I agree with the article when it explains how e-cigarettes haven't been on the market long enough for consumers to fully understand what all the side effects may be. As far as this issue pertaining to middle school and high school students, I believe kids are going to experiment regardless. If they see their peers smoking a cigarette whether it be a traditional or electronic one, more times than not they are going to participate to fit in. Electronic cigarettes have been made to look like a healthy alternative to smoking when in fact, no one knows what the real long term outcome may be. So for students who have never tried a traditional cigarette, I think they are under the assumption that this is a way for them to still "fit in" but do it in a healthy way when in fact it could be harming them even more. I didn't grow up with parents that smoked so for me it was never a big deal to try one and I still have never tried one to this day. I do feel that even though kids are going to experiment either way, parents should really be careful on what they subject their children to. If they grow up with cigarettes always around then chances are a tad bit higher that they will pick up the same habit since it is what they are used to. It also concerns me how middle school and even high school students are gaining access to these products so easily. Of course it is never going to be completely restricted from kids but they shouldn't be able to get them so easily either. In my opinion, if the drinking age is going to stay at 21, then the tobacco age should be at 21 as well.

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  1. Let me begin by stating that I tried my first cigarette around 13 years old and was smoking on and off from 16-22 years old. I am now about to turn 23 and I have no desire to smoke another cigarette. I hope that mentality continues with me throughout the rest of my life. Smoking is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. It is a very unhealthy habit that can lead to many negative consequences. I do not believe there is one positive thing to say about smoking, whether it is electronic or not.
    My views on this issue is that I agree that it is unacceptable for children >18 years old to be involved with any type of tobacco or nicotine product. Children or young adults are unaware of what the long term affects may be. Most children/young adults to not comprehend that life in most cases is very long and the decisions they make everyday can influence their lives in the near future and long into the future. With that, to have a product that can attract these young people, naive easily influenced, poor decision making people is absurd. I do not believe anybody who has a child or is educated enough to know that this is wrong. A product that can lead to a very unhealthy and addictive habit throughout their live, a product that can lead to traditional cigarettes and we all know the effects of smoking, that if we continue to allow this product shape the future of our young children we will be faced with a new society in which is too unhealthy to work and will have the same medical costs as I will when I am well into my later years retired and on my deathbed because of old age. But unfortunately if we do not somehow come up with a solution to restrict this product to the youth than it might happen that they end up on the same deathbed right next to me.