Friday, September 20, 2013

Supreme Court is Asked to Take up Birth Control Dispute

1. USA Today 9/20/2013

2. Religion/Healthcare

3. National

4. Potential policy that is being considered that will affect women working for Hobby Lobby and/or The Christian Bookstore.

5. This policy will determine whether women working for Hobby Lobby or Christian Bookstore will have insurance coverage on a variety of birth control options. A great deal of people view it as taking away women's rights, and Hobby Lobby and its sister company, Christian Bookstore are taking a stand based on religious values the companies hold.

6. I feel that since those are values that the companies were founded on, they have a right to choose whether or not to provide a kind of insurance coverage that will go against those values. I'm not against women being able to make their own choice regarding birth control, but if they agree to work for the company, then they are agreeing to abide by the company's moral standing.

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