Friday, September 6, 2013

New State Water Board Convenes for the First Time

Week # 1, Article #3
Eaton, Tim. (2013, September 3). New state water board convenes for the first time. Austin American Statesman.

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1. Category of problem: Enviornment
2. Level of problem: State
3. The article concerns: The adding of new members to the Texas Water Development Board in order to oversee our water related activities. They will be concerned with providing the correct amount of water supply for the state of Texas without exceeding our budget.
4. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?
    a.   Families living in Texas are aware of the little amount of rain that we receive. Having a budget set for the state could allow for the government to better plan for future droughts. Both families and individuals would benefit in that a guideline would be set and followed.
5. What are your views on the issue/policy?
     a. Individual and/or families living in Texas are used to not much rain, and long periods of droughts. Though we are used to the dry season, it can be stressfull to households and even businesses during the peaks of the drought. Everyone must make adjustments to these harsh conditions. It is obvious when the drought is in effect to those that work in the service industry. Places that typically set a fresh glass of water in front of the customer as soon as they sit down, now wait for the customer to request a glass instead. Though these issues may seem small, attention is needed. I believe that the Texas Water Development Board overseeing all water activity is an excellent idea. The board ensures that the state is using the right amount of water under its correct budget. This will not only help to correct the financial budget for our state, but it will also allow freedom to flucuate in times of need. For example, if a budget is planned, then in periods of emmense droughts, we are able to refer to our budget to see how money we are currently able to spend. On the other hand, a long period of rain could also help in planning for the future and making up for potential costs. Personally, I have always had a certain love and respect for this natural resource;my father works in water conservation and water waste control.

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