Thursday, September 26, 2013

The End of Poverty, Soon

Week #4 Article #1


2. Category of Issue: Poverty

3. Level of Issue: National

4. This article concerns: More and more people are dreaming of a world free of poverty. The committee of the World Bank set the goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030. They believe that ours is the generation that could be able to end extreme poverty. Every 10 years the countries below the poverty line has been declining sharply.

5. How does this affect families/ individuals?: This affects everyone rich or poor in some sort of way. It affects the rich and middle class in the way that just knowing that our country can be free of poverty gives a sense of relief. It can affect the poor even more, knowing that they have the ability to get out of poverty will help them and their families have a better and healthier lifestyle without having the daily struggles.

6. My views: I think that this is awesome that our generation can have the ability to help end extreme poverty. This affects Africa a lot because they are struggling more than us in poverty and health. The mortality rate of the children under 5 is decreasing but not as much as we hope it would. We just need to figure out a way to ensure that there is progress on the health and poverty such as having clean water and sewerage. The growth rate has picked up which is a major reason why poverty is declining, which is good, because without economic growth there cannot be gains in things like health which plays an important role in poverty. I feel really strongly about this topic because one day I hope to say that I was in the generation that eliminated extreme poverty. I think that this will excite others who are currently in poverty or know people who are because it gives them the hope that one day they wont have to go day to day having to search for food or live on the streets anymore. I think that its going to take a lot more work that just hoping to get rid of poverty, but I think in the end it can be done. If we do succeed at ending extreme poverty this will help with mortality rates and also health overall will be a lot better. It saddens me that there are people out there that can't even afford to eat a meal, especially all the hungry kids in Africa in which some don't even have families. Hopefully as we move on into the future there will be less and less families and individuals struggling with extreme poverty and have a chance to be healthier and not starve anymore.

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