Friday, September 27, 2013

Unlikely Debate on Gay Rights in California Town


2. Category of Issue: Gay Rights

3. Level: Local

4. This article concerns families and individuals in the Poterville community who fight for and against gay rights and in turn represent the nation in the issues rising over gay rights. 

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
      - This article affects families and individuals in many ways. Those who are fighting for gay rights are taken back at the fact that one of their city council members was fired for trying to sign a proclamation in favor of gay rights. The community of Poterville seemed seriously disturbed that she would think this would be okay. This can affect this community by now overlooking serious issues due to the fact that they are focusing so hard on something that should not be an issue.

6. My views
      - I think this article is absolutely ridiculous for several different reasons. One of them being that gay rights is even an issue. I hate that just because one of the city council members of this small California town wanted to sign a proclamation that stated that June would be the month for gay pride she got out voted and taken over by another mayor. This is crazy to me. I understand that everyone has their beliefs and their own religions and I 100% respect that, but the fact that some of those people don't respect these "gay people's" choices is hypocritical in themselves. Whether someone believes in homosexuality or not we are all people and everyone should respect everyone. Which brings me to my next point.  Hamilton, who replaced Gurrola as Mayor even stated himself that he opposed this proclamation because he thought "the gay proclamation is about everybody being gay when in reality everyone is much more than that." To me this is basically him saying I don't agree with the proclamation without him really saying I don't agree with the proclamation. Another question for this statement then is why do we have black history month? Or celebrate any specific month for a certain reason then? Are we defined by our race, our sexuality, or ethnicity, our social cultures, or a mixture of them all as Hamilton contradictory claims himself? If, as Hamilton says, we don't define each other as ones sexual preferences and we are so much more than that then why is this issue such an issue throughout not only Porterville, but our entire nation. Another issue with this article is the line between state and church. In this city council meeting they used to discuss these issues, it turned more into then preaching than them discussing. These things, among a couple others made me stop throughout the article and re-read I was in such disbelief at some of the things being said. It makes me sad that even to this day in time people can be so judgmental on others and cause such dramatic issues when we have so many other things to be worrying about at the local, state, or federal level. 

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