Friday, September 27, 2013

1.  Individuals will Define Obamacare's Fate 
Kliff, Sarah.(2013, September 25). Individuals will define Obamacare's Fate. Washington Post. 

2. Category of Problem: Health/medical 

3. Level of problem: National Level 

4. The article concerns: Health care reform is for definite becoming the law of the land. Now many Americans are worried as to what health insurance they will qualify for and if they can still keep their own. Hospitals are worried the government will demand more kind of care to provide for the new patients being able to afford health care now. The issue raises concern, will there be enough doctors to help many more patients coming into the hospitals? Will those on an insurance policy already have to pay more or even keep the same doctor. Bottom line is now those who enroll into the markeplace will be the ones to truly determine if in fact the new health care reform is adequate enough to provide an affordable and reliable insurance.

5. How does it affect individuals? 
 It affects those who are both not insured and uninsured, because there are still questioning as to what will happen to both sides. It has many Americans worried that they will not have proper health care or dislike the new markeplace choices of policy. Individuals who sign up  leaves them in skeptic as to if they made a good choice to change their policy. Overall the new health reform will change many individuals view point within the next months to see if it is a works or fails.

6. What are your views on the issue?
Overall I am very confused with the health care reform only because there has not been much news or campaigns to actually see what will take place. The only reason I know of the marketplace was because I did hours of research through the website to see what the new law entailed. Even then I do not know if the website was 100% accurate. I know October 1st will start so much confusion with employers about what will take place. I actually received a letter today from my job about the marketplace and information about which insurance was suitable. Though for mine there was not much information about in detail of the marketplace, but it did mention the link was a website to get more information. Overall, I am ready to see how the Affordable Care Act will do, I hope definitely hoping for the best! 

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  1. I agree. The issue is all very confusing. I don't know how anybody can be 100% certain they understand the stipulations of the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare). Very few people, I'm sure, have read through the entire thousands of pages long bill...and even then, unless you are a lawyer or well versed in the language, it would be difficult to decipher. You have to wonder, is the length of the bill really necessary, or are they flat out trying to confuse us so we are unable to make educated decisions regarding the bill. On one hand, I agree that ObamaCare is just socializing the the United States medical care system, which I disagree with. On the other hand, how can I say that for certain when I haven't read the thousands of pages long bill? It's absurd! I personally have not done very much research, which I am ashamed to say...Only what I've read in articles, heard on the news, and heard from friends and family and their points of view. I know the majority of US citizens are the same way and know way less, about matters such as this, than we think we do. I wish that there were clearly written and easily understandable summaries for those of us who would like to make informed judgments, but simply don't have the time to conduct full-on research into the matter. Does that make me sound lazy? Unfortunately, working full-time while going to school full-time in a different city doesn't make up for my lack of knowledge concerning the Affordable Care Act, because I still have no idea what to expect. Like Janine, I'm just hoping that it all works out for the best...