Friday, September 20, 2013

On climate change, Obama, EPA plan action without Congress

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2. Environment

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4. This article talks about a policy that could help alleviate a problem we face, climate change.

5. This is important because our air quality is increasingly deteriorating. Whether you believe or not it is inevitable to see the facts that our climate is changing and it's about time something gets done. We only have one planet and we already discovered that life in Mars can not be achievable so we must protect our environment.

6. I agree with this policy, we need to have higher standards for our power plants. We rely heavily on these services, it is what makes our society run and function, but we should not be ignorant of what the repercussions are. Our weather is constantly changing and our environment is deteriorating because of all the things we use. The government is doing a positive thing by setting standards for these companies who don't look out for what is good for our world rather than what is good for their business. I think this is start to a better future, if we don't start doing anything soon it will be too late to save our planet. We have limited resources and many people are not aware of that. I'm glad Obama is saying something and not waiting on Congress anymore because we don't have that luxury of waiting, it's time to act and do something about it.

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