Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top California Lawmakers Back Raising Minimum Wage


2. Category of Problem/Issue Identified in Article: Minimum Wages

3. Level of Problem/ Issue: State Level

4. This article concerns the minimum wage for the state of California and an enacted policy has been passed in favor of raising the minimum wage to help with the issue of raising minimum wages.

5. Why is this important to individuals/families? This issue directly affects several families in the state of California. With the minimum wage being raised to 10 dollars in 2016 families who work at hourly minimum wage jobs will begin to make better profits in hopes of raising the poverty line. 

6. What are your views on the issue? I highly agree with the contents of this article. Top lawmakers are backing this idea of raising the minimum wage in the hopes that the number in poverty will decrease. I think that this idea is a great way to start the efforts behind this issue. With this article and the video we watched in class we can all see how serious the epidemic of poverty in our country is becoming. The average family of four to be able to live with all the necessities need to make at least $46,000. Those who are unable to get a non- minimum wage job for whatever reason need to have an opportunity to support their family. With the minimum wage being raised to 10 dollars, California will hold the highest minimum wage of all 50 states. Hopefully this will start a trend throughout the other states and they will in turn raise their minimum wage. Maybe even the federal government will see the effort and raise the minimum wage through the federal government. 

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