Friday, September 27, 2013

Lawsuit filed to block Texas abortion law

Week #4
Article #2
1.     Category of problem: Politics/Health
2.     Level of problem: State
3.     This article concerns: Blocking the new abortion laws in Texas
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: This article concerns women in the state of Texas because the new laws are very strict and many clinics have been shutdown by the government, therefore women have very limited options when facing a situation involving abortion.

My input: In this article, a suit against the new abortion laws in the state of Texas is discussed. The Whole Woman’s Health clinic along with other health clinics are trying to intervene with the new law that Doctors of several clinics around the state have to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital and abide to new regulations with abortion induced drugs. These clinics are filing a lawsuit because these new regulations will affect many women throughout the state, especially women from lower income families or rural areas because it will be harder to find a legal established clinic that will be able to help them. In my opinion, the new law has some ideas to it that are good, but instead of closing down all these clinics, the government should perhaps fund these clinics and have them in better conditions for women that live in any area of the state.

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