Thursday, September 12, 2013

Patient bills soar as health plan falters

Week 2 Article #2 

1. Zaldivar-Alonzo, Ricardo. (2013, September 10). Patient bills soar as health plan falters
Austin American Statesman

2. Category of problem: Health

3. Level of problem: Nation

4. This article concerns:
Individuals that have pre-existing medical conditions that are not insured or are being denied insurance.

5. This affects families and individuals:
Many Americans are covered under Obama's law on healthcare, 1 out of 100,000 people with serious medical issues are in a financially troubled government problem. By January 1st this law will end and uninsured people will receive tax credits to help pay premiums to health insurance companies but it looks like funding may run out and there might not be enough to cover people who will need it.

6. My views on this issue:
Healthcare has been a problem for many Americans and with Obama's law it requires everyone to be insured and insurance companies can not turn away those who have pre-existing conditions. The new program called PCIP was intended as a temporary lifeline for denied insurance because of medical conditions. Part of the problem with PCIP stems from a decision by Obama and Congress more than three years ago cap funding at $5 billion and it looks like we won't have enough to last till the end of the year.
The basic idea behind Obama's health care bill is that those who can afford to buy health insurance will be able to buy better quality insurance, while more Americans who struggled to get care will have a better way accessing it.

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