Friday, September 27, 2013

TCEQ Approves Permit for Big North Texas Reservoir

Week 4, Article 1

 2. Category: Environment
3.    Level: State
4.     This concerns people who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. The article talks about a proposition to build a reservoir because water supply is becoming a concern.
5.     This policy has a hefty price tag to build this reservoir, about $300-$500 million dollars. The water rates would be higher in order to pay for it and it’s something that residents don’t want to have to pay for but water supply is low and is expected to be even more of a trouble in several years.
6.     My first thought with this is if water conservation is even being practiced. Then I read the article and it stated that the North Texas region hasn’t been a great example of water conservation. I feel like water schedules might help, and the article also mentioned that a rebate program for water-efficient appliances should be enforced and that seems like a good idea to me. It’s inevitable that the water supply will be more of a concern but dropping $300-$500 million dollars is a lot and people don’t want to pay higher water rates. And again, having low water supply will be inevitable in the future so it might as well be built if it’s going to be needed later. With the area expected to grow something proactive needs to be done.

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