Friday, September 20, 2013

House passes GOP spending plan that defunds Obamacare

Week 3 Article 2

1. Montgomery, Lori.     House passes GOP spending plan that defunds Obamacare
    (2013, September )    Washington Post 

2. Category of Problem: Health care

3. Level of Problem: National

4. Article concerns: GOP wants to ban funding for Obamacare.

5. Importance of Article: 
GOP wants to approve a budget that won't cover Obamacare's budget, because they believe there won't be enough funding in the future to cover it. This will greatly affect many individuals who don't have insurance.

6. My views: 
I want to explain what Obamacare is or many call it health care reform. It is supposed to reform insurance companies and the health care industry to cut health care costs and to help provide health insurance that is affordable to everyone. I believe that since there's going to be no funding for Obamacare it won't allow individuals to have affordable insurance. The government isn't looking into the benefit of individuals. They don't see that many people will be left out and will lack the need of insurance. Next year a penalty will be put into effect for those individuals who don't opt into insurance. For instance it will be $95 per adult or one percent of a family's income.

The benefit of Obamacare would be that every individual would opt into insurance, making the coverage more affordable and that anyone would be eligible to get insurance. You would also be eligible to receive tax credits for insurance that's purchased. There wouldn't be any limits on annual check ups, insurance companies wouldn't be allowed to deny you on a pre-existing condition or drop you when you get extremely ill and it would also provide a huge improvement to women's health services.

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