Friday, September 20, 2013

Many Americans Confused about Obamacare

1.Many Americans Confused about Obamacare

2. Category of problem: Health/medical

3.Level of problem: National

4. The article concerns: Many Americans are confused about what and when the Obamacare will take place and how is it going to change insurances.

5. Why is this important to individuals?
It is very important, because there is so much confusion as to what is really going to take place with the Obamacare, when there is many political arguments to defund the new health care law. The article states how many Americans 6 out of 10 do not know of the Obamacare. Without people knowing of the Obamacare taking action in October 1st then people may not take advantage of the marketplace.

6. What are your views on the issue?
I know I keep posting about Health Care Law, but I am so anxious to see what will happen in the next couple months and see if the Obamacare will follow through. With the news of the Obamacare being defunded makes it even more so confusing as to what is going on. So many Americans do not even know of what is going to take place. So I feel that there need to be more campaigns or advertisement within insurance companies to help guide people as to what and whom to contact about the new marketplace. Overall, I think that the issue of the Obamacare is that with all the debate as to keep funding or defunding the new law really does create confusion as to what will take place on October 1st.


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  2. Under the new health care laws, there is so much confusion nation wide. I think this poses even another problem in itself. The fact that laws have been created and policies made for underprivileged people that, for the most part, do not even understand what they are for. Why do we need health care for people that wont even take the time to find out about it and much less be using it? The United States' definately needs to make sure that their citizens are fairly aware of what is taking place and what Obamacare is all about. This is the right of being a citizen of the United States. We all deserve to know exactly what is going on. This is actually scary to me. Why don't we know more about these issues? Is there information being withheld from the public? I honestly would not be suprized. Without the public having knowledge of the policies, they might as well not even exist. I agree with what you are mentioning about these ads being a waste of money. If they are not going to say exactly what the policies they are advertising for, it is a huge waste. The amount of people that are confused or unaware of these policies is an overwhelming amount and something must change.
    The recent defunding must have been clear proof that not everyone that meets the requiremnts for obamacare is taking advantage of the insurance. My question is, what is the defund money being used for? Could it not be to advertise for this very issue? We want our communites to be healthy and allow them to live equally. We can use the money that was taken from the previous funding and notify the public about Obamacare and all health care issues. In conclusion, I think that the government does a very poor job with notifying the public with every issue they cover. The public deserves to be notified. After all, we are "The People" that these issues concern, right?