Friday, September 20, 2013

Private Schools Are Expected to Drop a Dreaded Entrance Test

Week 3 Article #1

1. Hernandez, Javier C.        Private Schools Are Expected to Drop a Dreaded Entrance Test.
(2013, September 19)       New York Times 

2.  Category of Problem: Education

3. Level of Problem:  State wide in New York 

4.  This article concerns: 
Getting rid of an exam that students have to take and perform well on in order to be accepted into New York's prestigious private schools.

5.  Importance/ affect on families: 
By not having the E.R.B exam taken by young four and five year old children will make put ease on families trying to enroll their children into private schools.
This can help many families in the state of New York to allow their children to get the same education as other children whose families can afford test preps and tutors to prep for such exams. 

6.  My Input: 
I believe this is a good and positive change to help with the enrollment process into the elite private school. As the article states: “It creates a lot of anxiety in families and kids that is unnecessary,” said Patricia Hayot, the head of Chapin School, who leads the group, the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York. “We’re being brave. We’re trying to explore a new way.” The increase of test preps and books with sample questions have been in question if these tests for enrollment are accurately measuring a child's ability. 
Many parents and families want to provide the best education for their children, but they need to see if they can support it financially. By having such exams like the ERB, SATS, and other such exams create a financial burden when it comes to test preps classes and hiring tutors. I do believe everyone should have an equal and fair chance when it comes to education. Prestigious schools cause an expensive tuition bill due to the name and what it is known for. Many children want to go on to become professionals such as doctors and lawyers which can be very expensive but we need to stop putting up barriers from allowing everyone to have a fair opportunity to education.

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