Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rise in E-Cigarettes

Week#1 Article #2

1. Tavernise, Sabrina. (Sept. 5, 2013). Rise is Seen in Students Who Use E-Cigarettes. New York              

2. Category of Problem: Health Issues

3. Level of Problem: National

4. The Article Concerns: Teens and Adolescents and the effects that E-cigarettes are having on their health and social aspects.

5. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?
- This is important to families all over the nation with children who, could potentially be affected by peer pressure or the young adults who are attempting to quit smoking and exploring all their options. 

6. My Input:
- This article is very relative for me. I can easily see both views to this issue. I have had many friends who use an electronic cigarette in the hopes of quitting their smoking habits. This article proves though however that their is no scientific facts yet that prove that an "e-cig" is healthier for you then a regular cigarette. As I have believed so far that an electronic cigarette is a good way at cutting your habit I have supported the issue. With this article however though, it states that young adolescents who have admitted to never trying a regular cigarette have recently tried an "e-cig" This research is alarming to me. It seems that this is becoming more of a trend or another social activity to par take in such as drinking or the effect that normal smoking used to have on teens. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are not just benefitting those who are stopping their habit, but also having a negative effect on those who have never smoked and are just "trying to fit in." I believe if electronic cigarettes are used the correct way they can have a  positive effect on our country and help with several health issues. If teens and adolescents try to take advantage of this it will become a health hazard. 

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