Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Texas has highest uninsured rate, high poverty

1. http://www.statesman.com/news/ap/health/texas-has-highest-uninsured-rate-high-poverty/nZzBp/

2. Category: Healthy and Poverty

3. State

4. Uninsured people living in poverty throughout Texas.

5. Since there are a lot of uninsured people in Texas, the government should branch out to try to enact a better policy that enables them to have better healthcare or to even be covered. Children are going without medical attention because their parents do not have the money to take them to the doctor. If they end up taking their child to seek medical attention, they most likely are taking them to the emergency room because they do not require payment at that specific time, which just increases the amount of money that parent owes for healthcare and is putting them in even more debt.

6.  Knowing that people are uninsured is hard to swallow sometimes and I know that there should be more coverage for people who cannot afford to be insured. If it wasn't for me being a college student, I know that I would not be on my parent's insurance and I probably would not be insured, even though I work full time and live on my own. I know there are some circumstances that come up and money is tight for people. Although, I do think that there is room to improve in healthcare policies and more could be done to try to ease the cost of medical coverage for people who cannot afford it.

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