Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How much will Obamacare premiums cost? Depends on where you live.

Week #4
Article #1
1.     Category of problem: Politics/Health
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: Obamacare
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: A particular “problem” Obamacare is discussed in this article with further details of costs and its outcomes. With these new insurance options, many Americans are affected and meanwhile some are happy because they can finally receive health care without having to be a full time employee or to qualify depending on the company’s regulations, others do not agree and are not happy with the outcomes.

My input: In this article several insurance costs are discussed and how they vary from person to person. For instance an employee might pay approximately $85 dollars per month, earning only $25,000 a year and a family that earns $50,000 a year might only pay $32 dollars per month. Therefore there is a substantial difference between insurance premiums for people that will obtain insurance through government marketplaces. In my opinion this option that employees now have is good because sometimes employers only provide health care insurance programs to full time employees and have very strict regulations or very expensive packages and many people cannot afford these packages and end uninsured. Also this program is supposed to help people of a middle or lower income, providing them with a government subsidy if they qualify to obtain a lower rate and good health insurance coverage. Even though these prices depend on how much an individual earns, where they live, and the kind of coverage they want to attain; with this program, more people can now be covered and enjoy a better life.

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