Thursday, September 26, 2013

40 States Push FDA for E-Cigarette Regulations


2. Health

3. National Level

4. This could be a possible policy that will benefit the well being of the public who is currently a user of the electronic cigarettes.

5. It is important that FDA passes some sort of regulation for these new devices because they do contain nicotine. Studies are finding other carcinogens in these e-cigarettes that users are not aware of and if there was some sort of regulation people would make smarter decisions on the usage of this product. 

6. I agree on this policy if it were to pass. I actually think that the FDA is behind on this issue. It is the new fashion young people are using because it is advertised to them and they are not aware of the complications of it because there is no regulation. Yes, these devices are healthier than regular cigarettes and could help transition smokers into a slight healthier habit, not really though, but for people that don't smoke currently and are now beginning to use these it could have health complications. There is nicotine in these e-cigarettes, so it is addictive, although the dosage is not as high as a regular cigarette. There is not much research on e-cigarettes since they are fairly new, but it wouldn't surprise me if they found other down sides to this alternative cigarette. I worry that with the way it is being marketed that it would increase the users of cigarettes in general, and this will not replace the conventional cigarette but rather double the problem.

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