Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reform is key to lowering costs of higher education

Week 2 Article #1 

1.  Druart, Nancy. (2013, September 9). Reform is key to lowering costs of higher education
 Austin American Statesman

2. Category of problem: Education

3. Level of problem: State Level

4. The article concerns:
Texas students attending colleges and universities. College tuition has increased in the past few years that parents and students have taken on historic levels of debt to pay for tuition.

5. This affects families/individuals:
An increase on college tuition is definitely a burden for families who are considered middle class and aren't offered any financial assistance. They are taking out more loans to pay for their children's education. As of right now parents and students are at $1.1 trillion in debt total student loan debt.

6. Views on issue:
We need to create a more affordable system for families and students to afford college. It is stated that comprehensive reform is the key! Instead of increasing federal subsidies for higher education that we have to learn to do more with less. The $10,000 degree is a prime example, it stands as a new model and a challenge as well.
Another solution would be to allow the free market to work to reduce college costs via online learning. A growing number of students are opting into taking classes online due to work schedules and young parents with children. Through online learning is cuts down on operating costs and technology is relatively cheap.  By putting money into state and federal subsidies it will improve secondary education.

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