Friday, September 13, 2013

                                                               Week 2 Article 2

1. Jay Root, Julian Aguilar. ( 2013, Sept 12) Cruz Tries to Claim the Middle Ground on Immigration. New York Times. A17A.

2. Category of problem: immigration

3. Level of problem: national

4. This article concerns: Ted Cruz kind of went back on how conservative his view on immigration is and now the conservatives are ragging on him. Also talks about immigration reform and what the different barriers are to citizenship.

5. Importance/affect on families/individuals:
Immigration concerns everyone. Even Ted Cruz' dad had his personal story about coming to America and living the American dream. If they deport people it breaks up families. But if they just have an open door and say hey everyone come stay at our place forever, it would be too much. The majority of Texans are Hispanic and they're going to want their friends and family here with them and they're going to be looking for a representative that is light on immigration.

6. What I think about this: 

Deportation or self-deportation is not the way to go about it. I don't think amnesty is either. I do like the idea of a process of citizenship but if its like the other grueling paperwork loaded way the government likes to do things then it needs to be made simpler. At the same time, we all got to jump through hoops. Look at how hard it is just to get registered for classes each semester. I think there's a lot of politics going on in this article. Cruz boldly stated his views on immigration before (to get Tea Party support) and now he's wavering because Hispanics are about to be the dominant race in Texas. So he doesn't want to piss them off so they won't vote for him. But that makes me mad because I just want government officials that stand by what they actually believe and not what they do to get votes or what lobbyists get them to do. I liked what JoAnn Fleming said that illegal immigrants should not be able to get “in line ahead of people who have tried to do it the right way.”

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